Sinus Infection Home Remedy

Many people turn to a sinus infection home remedy to treat the initial symptoms of sinusitis. Sinus infection is a condition where the nasal passages and sinuses become inflamed due to an infection. This can often lead to a host of symptoms, including nasal congestion, headaches and a feeling of pressure in the areas of [...] Read more »

Sinus Headache Symptoms And Relief

A sinus headache refers the dull, often throbbing pain that seems to center behind and under the eyes. Although sinus blockage or infections are the ultimate cause of sinus headaches, the symptoms themselves often result from colds or allergies, as these prevent the drainage of mucus from the nasal air passages. This is why the [...] Read more »

Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinusitis symptoms will vary depending on the individual. Some people will experience multiple symptoms, while others may exhibit just one or two symptoms.  Symptoms may also indicate the type of sinusitis the person is inflicted with. Sinusitis is classified as either acute or chronic, depending on the duration. Episodes of acute sinusitis last fewer than [...] Read more »

Sinus Infection Symptoms

There are millions of people who suffer from sinus infection symptoms every year, whether it is an acute or chronic infection. Since most sinus infections are basically fungal infections, antibiotics are not very helpful in treating this condition. This is why most people decide to go with natural remedies for sinus infection. The symptoms of [...] Read more »

What Is Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection occurs when the nasal cavities, which are also referred to as the sinuses, become inflamed. Colds, allergies and a deviated septum are some of the most common causes of this condition. Some of the most common sinus infection symptoms include: bad breath, cough, fatigue, nasal drip, fever and congestion. Many people may [...] Read more »